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Lecturer, runner, cynic, researcher, skeptic, forum admin, woo basher, clinician, rabble-rouser, blogger, dad.

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PodiatryCPD Pty Ltd
139 Mt Dandenong Rd,
Croydon, Vctoria 3136,

ABN: 80 616 059 459

My Primary Websites:
Podiatry Arena – Podiatry Arena is a forum for podiatrists and is the most visited podiatry related site on the web. It has been established in 2005 and despite recent lack of engagement, it is still gets a lot of traffic.
Podiatry CPD Academy – this is my site where I sell my courses. I have a number of ‘boot camp’ courses, including the popular ‘Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp
Foot Health Forum – a forum for those with foot problems to get advice’. This has been widely established in 2007 and is a popular source for consumers to ask about their foot problems and get advice.
Podiatry.Courses – short courses and videos for podiatrists. This is new and still being established, but I have high hopes for it.
Podiatry Soapbox – my video rants and interviews and commentary about a wide range of topics (this was recently taken down due to a malware infection and is being rebuilt)
Running Research Junkie – my analysis of research related to running, running injuries and running shoes. I have been a bit slack with creating more recent content for this site, but will get back to it.
Its Foot Captain, But not as You Know it – my analysis of research related to podiatry and my commentary on a wide range of podiatry related issues.
PodiaPaedia – I am editor-in-chief at the podiatry encyclopedia. It still very early days on this site, but it is growing and will be big …. one day
Podiatry Newswire – my weekly email newsletter (please go and sign up); again this is still in the development phases.
Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp – the popular course that I run. This was the site that it was sold via before I moved it online to the PodiatryCPDAcademy.
PodChatLive – our monthly podiatry livestream that I do with Ian Griffiths when we chat with a guest about a range of podiatry issues.
Podiatry Fireside Summit – this was a 24hr live podiatry conference that I livestreamed and survived for 24hrs!

*Why this website: When I registered the domain,, I got a free deal for the .info … so why not?