Diabetic Socks

I have never really quite worked out what these are. To me, they are like the “diabetic diets” that you frequently see advertised (obviously there is money in ‘diabetic diets’). What troubles me is that exactly what is a diabetic diet? I don’t think that there is such a thing as a diabetic diet. It’s just a marketing ploy to sell books or some other products. A diabetic diet is just a really good diet that has all the hallmarks of eating healthy. Nothing special about that. Nothing special about it being a diabetic diet. We all should eat healthy.

diabetic socks

So what about the socks? A good sock will have features that make them comfortable, that can help absorb perspiration, maybe have some antibacterial feature and not be tight to restrict circulation. Everyone needs those features in socks, not just those with diabetes. It too is a marketing ploy to sell more product.

Obviously those with diabetes do need to perhaps take extra care with what they eat and other aspects of their diets. They are also at increased risk for foot problems and need to take special care of their feet. We all need to eat well and we all need to take care of our feet. To label things like a “diabetic diet” or “diabetic socks” is a marketing ploy.