Do corns have roots?

Seems like an odd topic for me to be writing about here! – but it did come up this morning in our PodChatLive show with Nina Lansdowne in which we were talking about content marketing and websites for podiatrists. Part of the discussion was around what content we should be writing about on our blogs for our clinics to get more traffic and potential patients eyeballs on the websites.

Too much generic information is not going to get many people to a website. I used a keyword tool and Google to show everyone that there were a lot of searches for the words “foot corns”, so it might make sense to perhaps blog about that and get some of that traffic. However, when you go to Google and search that, the top results are places like the Mayo Clinic and WebMD. You are not going to get a look in with websites like that competing in that space.

After playing around with the keyword tool, I pointed at that there is much less traffic for the phrase “Do corns have roots?” which is what patients ask all the time and want to know about. There is also not much competition for that phrase and a topic like that might generate more traffic for a clinics website than the terms that have more searches and traffic but are more competitive. It was an interesting discussion around that topic and what to write about on our clinic websites so we show up in the search engines.

A phrase like “Do corns have roots?” is not sexy and not popular, but it is a question that patients want to know the answer to and do ask us, so it does make sense to blog or write about the topics that patients want to know about and might get us some eyeball on the website.

So, do they have roots? The answer here is NO they don’t.